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5 Reasons Your Pharma Brand Needs An SEO Agency

pharma seo agencySEO agencies that specialize in pharma can help improve your online presence by optimizing your brand websites for search engines. This includes on-page SEO and off-page SEO as well as content creation to help rank higher. Here are five reasons why pharma brands should invest in an SEO agency.

1. Search Engine Optimization Helps Build Trust
One of the biggest benefits of having an SEO agency work with your brand is that by creating factual, useful content they will build trust with potential customers. This means that when people see your name in search results, they’re more likely to click through to your website. It also helps you avoid negative reviews and comments on review sites.

2. SEO Improves Conversions
If you’re looking to improve conversions on your site, then SEO is one of the best ways to go about doing so. In fact, SEO has been proven to increase traffic by up to 300% vs. social media. Mapping your customer’s journey and search intent allows us to focus on the right keywords and phrases based on said intent.

3. SEO Boosts Visibility
As we mentioned above, there are many benefits to having an SEO agency work with your brand. One of the biggest ones is that it helps boost visibility. This means more people will see your website when they search for products or disease related information. And as we mentioned before, with the right keyword selection and phrases and intent, this leads to higher conversion rates.

4. SEO Creates More Qualified Leads
Another reason why you need an SEO agency is because it creates more leads. If you’re not getting enough leads through organic searches, then you’ll need to start using paid advertising. However, if you use paid advertising, you won’t be able to track how effective it was. With Pharma SEO, we track the intent of the search and the cost per click of each visit to your site in order to demonstrate tangible ROI for our work.

5. SEO Increases Sales
In addition to increasing sales, SEO also helps with lead generation. This means that when people search for products and services online, they will find your company first. They will click on your website and visit your store. Then, they will buy your product or service.


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